Dear Professor George Vithoulkas, may I thank you for the generosity you have to devote so much time for the transmission of this fabulous medical science that is homeopathy. I will never forget the night when I discovered your academy and your E-Learning Program. I am an allopathic doctor and I was very sad because I had no faith in that science and I was obsessed by the “secret of cure”. I was looking for a way to understand human beeing and the process of illness. I did not find some real answers through phytotherapy and then I learned chinese medicine that made me understand what was the vital force and the importance of energy. I tried to interest myself to homeopathy but in my country I did not find any course that gave me the joy and desire to learn this medical science. Even classical homeopathy in France comes up like a list of symptoms that you have to remember and nothing make sense. There is no guiding idea for conducing a cure, even less than in a simple fasting, and furthermore there is a lot of romantic typical french idea concerning the interpretation of mental symptoms. It seemed to me that it was a way of treatment with too much subjectivity. And then one night I found the I A C H and I had palpitations! The first video I watched I immediately knew that it was the good teaching. It took me several years to complete the E-Learning Course but, even if all in my personal life was going in the wrong direction, I was so enthousiastic when I was listening your teachings! It really gave me a deep joy. At last You are the only teacher I had that had so well explained what is the human being, the health, and the laws of cure. When I started to apply your teaching and when I observed for the first time a complete restauration of health in a young woman who was suffering from a chronic disease, I had a deep emotion. I would like to express to you my soulful gratitude. It was a great dream and I am so happy now to join all the graduate students of IACH and become a colleague of all of them. I know the job is not finish and I have to keep on studying and it is so joyful for me. I would like to thank you and your team for your understanding and support during this years of studing and for your gracious welcome when we went in Alonisos. I wish a long long life to the IACH, and a lot of children all over the world during the further years! With all my gratitude.