Homeopathy Course for United Kingdom
by Prof. George Vithoulkas

Awarded with a Certificate of Quality Assurance from the Faculty of Homeopathy, UK.
This includes an appraisal of the Course Ethos, Organisation, Programme Content, Educational Level, Teaching and Assessment.

“The objective of this Ηomeopathy Course is to give each enthusiastic health professional and homeopath the basis for a solid foundation in Homeopathy so that they can carry this traditional wisdom and knowledge into the future of medicine.”

G. Vithoulkas

In This Course You Will Learn

This course will provide a thorough understanding of homeopathic practice, from case-taking to remedy selection and evaluation, incorporating both theoretical concepts and practical skills.

Why to Study with Us

Our Course is the Only Homeopathy Course accredited by Medical Universities Worldwide

Professor Vithoulkas

Prof. Vithoulkas was awarded with the Right Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel Prize) “…for his outstanding contribution to the revival of homeopathic knowledge and the training of homeopaths to the highest standards.” He is an Honorary Professor in various medical universities worldwide.

Experienced Coordinators

At every step of the way, your questions will be answered and you will be guided by our Coordinators who are proficient in and have been following the teachings of Prof. George Vithoulkas for many years.

Theories of Prof. Vithoulkas

The course gives great importance to Theory. This includes the ground breaking theories of Prof. Vithoulkas such as “The Levels of Health” and “The Continuum of a Unified Theory of Diseases” which give a more complete understanding of the practice of Classical Homeopathy and helps the practitioner better assess both prognosis and prescription.

Materia Medica

More than 150 homeopathic remedies are explained in detail with their differential diagnosis. Prof. Vithoulkas captures the uniqueness of each remedy, the peculiarities that differentiate one remedy from another. This helps the practitioner understand the remedy in its essence and the way it differs from others.

Cases and Long follow ups with Analysis

The LIVE Case Taking by Prof. Vithoulkas with his in depth analysis and evaluation of each case, teaches the practical training in Classical Homeopathy. The art of long term management of cases is also transmitted, as the follow ups of the cases stretch over many years, thereby imparting knowledge at every step.

International Alumni Network

The International network of IACH Diploma Holders spread over 64 countries, enhances the possibilities to help people worldwide through Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy. The community also benefits each other by sharing their successful cures which becomes a process of life long learning.

Get the Great Opportunity to Learn Homeopathy by Professor George Vithoulkas

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The Benefits of Studying Classical Homeopathy with Professor George Vithoulkas

Dear Students and prospective Students of Homeopathy,

I am sure you all know that there are different ways of applying homeopathy, but Hahnemann has taught only one way, and it is obvious that he knew better than anybody else how to apply it correctly : one must try to find the unique homeopathic remedy that fits the individual case.

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What Our Students Say About Us

I am overwhelmed with gratitude and feel very privileged to have been able to access Prof. Vithoulkas’s teachings, wisdom and experience. I am so grateful to have learnt to practice in a Classical way and realise how much transformation and healing can happen in the pauses between prescribing. Waiting for a remedy to complete its action can be like watching a beautiful sunrise dawn. Healing cannot be rushed. I love that I’ve learnt through experience that waiting can mean deeper, more complete healing. I have many more thoughts from these years of study. I am grateful that every day I still want to read Materia Medica and find strange, rare and peculiar symptoms in the Repertory. I I am grateful for the way Vithoulkas brings to life the remedy pictures and teaches case reactions and management. I am so very grateful to graduate and share this healing art in its purest form with whoever I am privileged to work with. Our patients are our continued teachers and greatest companions on this path. 

M.K., United Kingdom

Let's Build the New Generation of Homeopaths Together

The International Academy of Classical Homeopathy, founded by Professor George Vithoulkas, has been educating doctors and medical professionals for over sixty years in the correct traditional practice of homeopathy, known as Classical Homeopathy, for the health and well-being of humanity.