After spending almost 2 decades as a homeopath, doing the E-learning Program of IACH has been a major knowledge enhancer. I wonder sometimes, how I managed to function without it. The knowledge of Levels of Health was completely new to me and is a very important aspect which should be covered by all homeopathic courses. It clarifies the method of making a prognosis and knowing where the patient is headed during the treatment. This has improved my confidence in treating patients. I feel happy that now I can really do my best for someone to bring about an improved state of health. Good health is probably the most important thing, enabling a person to truly enjoy life. As homeopaths, learning is a life-long process and I feel finally that I am on the right path. Professor Vithoulkas’ video lectures have all been amazing and as a speaker, he manages to hold interest the whole time – his love for homeopathy and his complete and total dedication to creating health shines out. As his student, I feel very lucky and grateful. And now I feel extremely privileged to become a member of this amazing IACH family. Heartfelt thanks!!