Dear colleagues, I sincerely want to thank you for the time I spent with you studying the amazing science of Homeopathy! My deep gratitude to Prof. G. Vithoulkas for his wisdom, simplicity, and especially the generosity with which he shared his knowledge. Love for the man, concern for the world, Christian values passed through in each of his lectures. Homeopathy is not just medicine, it is art and science, the accuracy of which is compared to mathematical! It was very valuable for me to study the levels of health, step by step case taking, the direction of the disease (from the mental – psycho-emotional to the physical level). Unforgettable – portraits of homeopathic remedies provided by Prof. G. Vithoulkas at every lecture. We can say with confidence that this is the best basic education in the field of Homeopathy! Which makes it possible to see correct case taking, repertory and prescribe the right remedy. Then track the effect of the remedy and continue treatment.