My process of exploring and discovering Homeopathy started when I was exposed to it by a person in whom I had a very deep trust. It was not easy because I did not have the natural inclination nor an immediate connection to this knowledge like we hear some stories of people who became homeopaths. As I started my studies in London after about a year my interest was slowly fading, something was missing. Luckily for me, and I am sure for people whom I will encounter in my practice, I found George Vithoulkas. In his teachings I found that something. My interest and passion were reignited, in his words I found the liveliness, the simplicity and the deep understanding of the art of Homeopathy. During the years of studying at IACH, my knowledge and my understanding has grown considerably and together with that I was growing and changing in who I am as a person. It soon became clear that to be a good homeopath I have to live and embody this knowledge in everything I do. George Vithoulkas’ life is a good example of that and thus I am very grateful for the opportunity to get to know this great man and study under his guidance. This surely extends to the whole IACH community and all the staff members who managed to create a perfect environment for growth and who never refused to provide assistance and always made me feel welcome during my visits. As I hold my diploma, it’s my responsibility now to give back and do my best to make this world a better place for all using the tools I have been given. Thank you for everything.