I truly enjoyed every minute of the video lectures of the E-Learning Course. No matter how tired I was, George Vithoulkas could always inspire me to go on and make one more effort to understand and learn this wonderful but very complex and hard-to-grasp healing art. The Professor’s vast knowledge of the human soul, his humbleness and wonderful sense of humor enchanted me no less than his infinite knowledge of homeopathic Theory and Materia Medica. With this knowledge today, I wonder how so many homeopaths throughout the world can undertake to treat patients, without the knowledge of the Levels of Health and the Reactions to the Remedy, as explained by Professor Vithoulkas. In my country especially, I can see this knowledge lacking entirely so I hope that more and more of my fellow countrymen will decide to take this E-Learning Course. It is worth every penny and I guarantee it will make you a better homeopath. Thank you, Professor Vithoulkas and thank you to all IACH staff for making it possible for us to have this knowledge!