My current circumstances would have not allowed for me to travel away and study homeopathy away from home. This online course has been easy to go through from the comfort of home and affordable. Best of all, it has been enjoyable the process in learning homeopathy from scratch at the hands of Prof. Vithoulkas; a very knowledgeable and charismatic teacher. It has been a pleasure not a duty to listen and to go through the lectures and real cases. I am grateful to the International Academy to stand as a lighthouse in the sea of mingled, confused and misleading ideas of what homeopathy really is or how it should be applied. In the International Academy I have been able to learn pure homeopathy, the rules and strategies on which the great masters based their prescriptions to cure such severe illnesses. Both in this course and during summer courses offered by the IACH, I have witnessed in live sessions amazing results and long term cures to chronic diseases by means of a correct and pure classical homeopathic practice taught by Prof. Vithoulkas. It is hard to find this elsewhere. In the course one is taught the laws of homeopathy as of Hahnemann described them in the Organon, and how to use them in a consultation. The course is actually not designed to deepen into every aphorism of the Organon but will cover the central ideas and offer a quite comprehensive overall picture of it. One is not taught new hypothesis or psychological homeopathy, but facts, reason and science, i.e., these results should be reproducible as long as the same conditions and laws are followed. I have colleagues who were practicing homeopathy for even up to 20 years and still having lacunae, not fully comprehending their obtained results; why and when one of their patient would not improve. After this course, I have acquired a broader comprehension of the importance in the right prescription, the right order or sequence of remedies and the right time for the repetition of a remedy. All this has improved their practice resulting in more people being cured. One will also learn to make a prognosis as to what to expect of a cure in a particular patient given certain factors such as for example their initial level of health. The science of the levels of health, demonstrated by Prof. Vithoulkas throughout his entire career will be explained and shown via theory and live cases in every corner of this course. As for the feedback from the IACH, I can say that they have at any time been quick to get back to me and to efficiently resolve any technical or educational issue that might have arisen during these years. They have also shown kindness and comprehension if any deadline for exams or exercises was missed. My exam was supervised rigorously by a couple of teachers and lasted about 5 hours. The exam will have up to 5 or 6 parts and cover the Organon, the theory of levels of health, reactions to the remedy, Materia Medica, and real case studies. Also, by applying all what I have learnt from the course I was able to present 10 cases of my own patients which were much benefited from the treatment and these showed improvements that conventional medicine was unable to provide. So, yes, it is definitely one of the best ways to start to learn homeopathy. I would say it is the first step into the right road, as one must keep studying and practicing to attain perfection. I cannot recommend the course or praise it high enough and I would suggest the reader to get on the train of living homeopathy is his or her destination!