My participation in the E-Learning Course with Prof. George Vithoulkas has been one of the most inspiring and productive learning periods in my life. Unlike other tertiary courses, either online or in person, I have gained knowledge from George’s experience which made text books come to life. This practical application of the traditional wisdom of homeopathy (along with observances that extend these traditional theories), give any aspiring or established homeopath practical tools and an experience of the scope of diseases which homeopathy can treat. Studying homeopathy is also a self-reflective exercise. George, perhaps without knowing, reveals aspects of participants which they may not have even been aware. His down to earth, pragmatic and entertaining approach have had me glued to the computer and searching hungrily through my books. I am deeply grateful to George and his team of people who make this course happen, not only for my advantage but for the advancement of homeopathy itself.