The most precious in a person, who devoted his life to his profession – is experience. George Vithoulkas has huge experience and shares it all, he never holds back either his success or fails. One can spend years and decades in order to achieve the same conclusions, or one can buy the Course and watch and listen to this rich material. It is a great idea – to record courses on video and to adopt them further for on-line lectures for anyone, who is interested in it. I got acquainted with homeopathy on the 1st grade of my medical university back in 1990. Then books on homeopathy in Russian languages just began appearing in the market. Sometimes my attempts in applying homeopathy with this knowledge were successful, sometimes were not. Of course, young doctors usually don’t have money for travelling abroad to study. Now, when you buy this Course, it is like you travel back in time in the very beginning and fill in all the blind spots and gaps, and you can recall some issues, refresh memory and find proofs and confirmations to some of the guesses in the material of a more experienced colleague, you can get direct answers to the questions, which one can usually get only after many years of practice. In one word, this Course turned out to be very useful for classification of my knowledge, someone else’s experience and confidence in the area, where there was lack of something from abovementioned. The Course fully recovered the expenses and spent time. I express my gratitude to the team, that supports the whole process and provides flawless service.