I think George Vithoulkas is the great doctor I’ve ever seen. Even though he was not a physician. He tried to make everyone access homeopathy and shared everything he knew about remedies, anyway it was very difficult, but I think it’s the way we go back to use this way to cure us and all the mankind in the world. I am internist and hospital administrator, but now I am retired. I tried to use traditional medicine, Thai massage, acupuncture, Bach Flower remedies, but I think Homeopathy cures deeply and changes organism to more balance, and E-Learning brought me to see the real things to touch from many cases. Thank you so much to push me to study. I talk to many physicians in Homeopathic fields and Allopathic fields and told them that your E-Learning Course gave so much benefits and practically to understand and to use, proper for elementary and also advanced and also suitable for Thai students because you speak clearly and also subtitles in english, easy to understand.  I am very glad and it’s a great pleasure for me to finish E-Learning Course.