Homoeopathy, as a subject was something that was not appealing to me as a western medical graduate both during my under-graduation and post-graduation. However, after nearly 25 years of experience in main-stream medicine and having worked in tertiary care hospitals, the shortfall in the medical care offered started to loom large. With a in-depth analysis of the current practice of medicine, there came up many questions that were unanswered. In an effort to look for a comprehensive holistic healing, I learnt acupuncture in 2010 and started clinical practice too. In a short while, I got exposed to the potential of homoeopathy and its exceptional healing capabilities. I wanted to learn homoeopathy under the very best teacher available. That’s when I found Prof. George Vithoulkas through an advertisement in a science blog on FB. The E-Learning platform which IACH offered was just what I wanted. I started my studies under Prof. Vithoulkas in 2017 and went through the rigours of unlearning and relearning. The entire program is very extensive, very well designed and perfect for medical doctors like me who wish to learn the art and science of Classical Hahnemanian Homoeopathy. The Levels of Health and assessment of disease based on this philosophy by Prof. Vithoulkas answered all my erstwhile questions in conventional therapies and other associated ill-effects. All the assessment techniques, tests and the final exams are very thorough and effective in establishing one to practice classical homoeopathy. I would definitely recommend any serious learner to pursue the E-Learning program, if they keen on getting the best skills possible to effectively treat patients homoeopathically. Kudos to the entire faculty at IACH and everlasting gratitude to Prof. Vithoulkas for showering his divine grace on me.