The Benefits of Studying Real Classical Homeopathy

Dear Students and prospective Students of Homeopathy,
I am sure you all know that there are different ways of applying homeopathy, but Hahnemann has taught only one way, and it is obvious that he knew better than anybody else how to apply it correctly : one must try to find the unique homeopathic remedy that fits the individual case.

Hahnemann’s way is a rather difficult one, which requires a lot of detailed attention on the part of the homeopath who is taking the case and is searching for the correct remedy, during the consultation that lasts sometimes more than an hour.

This task is many times very difficult and time consuming, even for an experienced homeopath! And this conscientious effort should have been completed with a knowledge of the Materia Medica and the theoretical laws that apply in this science.
These difficulties led different homeopaths to propose different ways deviating from these classical lines instructed by Hahnemann in his “Organon of Medicine”.

I sympathize with them, but I know that at the critical moment, when a doctor has in front of him an emergency case that needs urgent intervention with the correct remedy, the deficiently educated doctor feels weak and in doubt as to what to do, especially if he is ill prepared to face such a challenge.

Therefore, the main problem that a professional homeopath faces today is exactly this: finding the school for the best possible education.

The young person who wants to start his career as professional homeopath must consider very seriously the type of education he is choosing to undertake.

But before deciding, he has to investigate whether the different options that are in front of him are worth considering.

The decision should be based on the following issues:

1. That Homeopathy is not a chemical drug therapy, it is a system in which potentized remedies are used in their dynamic state and are without side effects if applied properly.
For this reason, prescribing massively on pathology -a remedy for a certain pathology- is not correct and the results also cannot be as impressive and curative as the real individualized homeopathy can have.

2. That the action of the potentized remedy is on a dynamic plane. The homeopathic remedy, through its process of preparation of constant dilutions and succussions, becomes biologically active and is coming to a state of a “field force” of a specific vibration, determined by the type of remedy that has been diluted and potentised. Once such a biologically active preparation is touching the vital force -the electromagnetic field of the organism- and if the remedy is the correct one, then there is an instant action upon the organism -a synchronization of energies- and an annihilation of the dis-balance takes place.
There is a reset of the organism to his original pre-pathology state.

This effect is very impressive as every homeopath, who has prescribed on these principles, can experience and testify.

3. Therefore finding the matching remedy (the Simillimum as it is called) is a tedious process and requires a very conscientious homeopath who has been taught on high standards this science.

Prescribing in a mechanical way on a pathology basis, which means giving several remedies together (polypharmacy) for a specific disorder, is wrong as it is causing a confusion not only to the case but also to the minds of those who have not correctly understood the principles of Classical Hahnemannian Homeopathy.

Under such a false way of thinking were developed different schemas of combination remedies by different teachers for different pathologies making homeopathy looking easy to prescribe, but results were poor. In this way the downgrading of homeopathy was promoted by several so called “schools of homeopathy”.

The prospective student should take in to consideration all these issues and should try to discover for himself the best educational organisation for classical homeopathy.

Such a school would require from the students a lot of rigorous studies, a lot of extra effort in order to master this science.

Seen it historically, the whole so called homeopathic educational movement has suffered a lot. Except of the diversions in polypharmacy and wrong application of miasmatic theory, from a multitude of other rather nonsensical ideas that have been inserted by different “teachers” and brought a total confusion in the real Hahnemannian Homeopathy.

The serious student, therefore, who wants to have the best possible education on Classical Homeopathy should search with a critical mind the different possibilities that are available today for education in this interesting science of healing.

All ambitious students of homeopathy should aim at learning in depth this excellent science.

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Professor George Vithoulkas Alonissos, Greece, August 22, 2021