This E-Learning course has been The Best I Have Ever Done!!! It is not just because it is a Homeopathy course, which in this case it’s the first I ever take, but I guarantee that I have never seen a more complete E-Learning Course. I am a Veterinarian and I have done many E-Learning Courses on my area and yet never had the pleasure to have a course were you could read/receive so many books from the course Master (George Vithoulkas), see/hear so many lectures on line that actually makes you feel as if you were back in college, have interacting written conversations with moderator, and who knows what else will you astonish us with!!! I am so pleased to have decided to enroll in this course, so certain that my life as a vet will have another perspective from now on, gratefully more satisfying. It is definitively one of these courses which you can say your life before and after became totally different, as in homeopathy we could say “never better since” in this case I would rather use “forever better since”!!! The online videos are definitively FANTASTIC!!! It really makes you feel as if you are back in college. So this by itself is enough reason for a golden medal in online courses. I would rather share the Golden Medal. George Vithoulkas is really an extraordinary good communicator and therefore a very good Teacher, explaining the essentials of every remedy in a very simple yet highly effective way.