I have been practicing homeopathy for more than twenty years, studying and attending classes by George Vithoulkas more than twelve years so far. These are genius lectures. I attend the classes with Great Joy and Gratitude for this opportunity to gain Knowledge, that could be gained only in this School by George Vithoulkas! Each time I hear something new about well known remedies, it is like a new Diamond facet. It is priceless! We get to know about nuances of integrity and completed human being, we learn about interaction of mental, emotional and physical levels in a person, about possibilities of helping a person to become harmonious, about laws of spiritual growth. Homeopathy offers a unique feature – to bring harmony to the human beings and to the mankind in general. It’s a Herculean task for the Mankind. The Е-Learning Coursе contains the best knowledge, elaborated information. I wish more people could get this knowledge. With much respect and gratitude,