I am very happy and grateful for all the knowledge provided by this course.  George’s methodology with the deepening of Levels of Health is essential for the practice of Homeopathy with trust and safety. The true Classical Homeopathy. I have always been adapted at homeopathic treatment … but when I had the opportunity to meet George Vithoulkas’s teachings in 2014, I felt a very strong empathy with his teachings and a great identification with his methodology and decided to take this sensational course! My background in Homeopathy comes from IACH, with a great satisfaction!! E-Learning Course is a very complex and very explanatory course and offers a wealth of knowledge! It is very inspiring having a teacher with such a love for homeopathy and who can offer a complete study but at the same time with jokes, with his funny way to recall a few moments of his teachings. Gratitude to Professor George Vithoulkas and this wonderful Academy!!