I have independently studied homeopathy since 2005. It was very difficult for me to understand the diversity of areas, approaches and different practices. In 2016, I was lucky to become a student of the first Ukrainian group. The E-Learning Course is the fundamental learning of homeopathy as a science. In parallel, there are lectures on the theory of how remedy work, what are the criteria for prescribing, how to evaluate the results and when the time of reappointment should be. Lectures on Materia Medica with practical advice and recommendations from Professor Vithoulkas. And amazing cases with long tracking and obvious improvement after treatment. I am incredibly happy that I went through the teaching and my knowledge in homeopathy acquired a structure. I have knowledge of how to make the first prescription. And I know how and when to make the following prescriptions. I am grateful to Professor Vithoulkas for the unique opportunity to study at his IACH.