I am overwhelmed with gratitude and feel very privileged to have been able to access Prof. Vithoulkas’s teachings, wisdom and experience. I am so grateful to have learnt to practice in a Classical way and realise how much transformation and healing can happen in the pauses between prescribing. Waiting for a remedy to complete its action can be like watching a beautiful sunrise dawn. Healing cannot be rushed. I love that I’ve learnt through experience that waiting can mean deeper, more complete healing. I have many more thoughts from these years of study. I am grateful that every day I still want to read Materia Medica and find strange, rare and peculiar symptoms in the Repertory. I I am grateful for the way Vithoulkas brings to life the remedy pictures and teaches case reactions and management. I am so very grateful to graduate and share this healing art in its purest form with whoever I am privileged to work with. Our patients are our continued teachers and greatest companions on this path.