It was a pleasure of 2 year listening to you. I learned medicine from so many allopaths and homeopaths teachers whom suppose to be the best in their fields but were not as close to the truth of healing and not as good teachers as you are. Especially your 12 volumes of MMV which is so precise transforming the art of essence into science. My colleagues medical doctors will never accept homeopathy or have the imagination needed for understanding the essence but our Smart children will. Maybe teaching homeopathy to the next generation should be written as an exciting children book since no child today know who is Mr. Rhus tox or Mrs. Pulsatilla but everybody knows who is harry potter. Someday when I am sure that I understand your teaching perfectly, I will write such a book. For now, I am happy (not satisfied) with the knowledge I got and proud to say that I learned homeopathy from Prof. George Vithoulkas. In great appreciation,