My journey with Homeopathy began as a new parent confronted with anaphylactic allergies, successfully treated with Apis mellifica. I knew I had found a modality unlike any other and I was driven to study. However, I was not happy with the level of education in my home country and soon looked abroad. Next to the Organon and Kent’s lectures, The Science of Homeopathy by Professor Vithoulkas was my most valuable resource for Homeopathic theory, so it was an easy decision to apply to study at IACH. I loved every minute of every lecture. The entire course was delivered in a way that was engaging, stimulating and inspiring. I am very happy that I made the decision to study under Professor Vithoulkas because I know I received the best possible education available in the world today. It is my opinion that every Homeopathic prescriber should learn the Levels of Health as part of their education.  I am looking forward to doing more postgraduate studies with IACH and to travelling to Alonissos someday soon. I hold a deep gratitude for the school and the teachings, and continue to recommend the E-Learning program to all regardless of whether they are a novice or an experienced practitioner.